As of 10 am this morning, I'm not supposed to drink tea or coffee for 24 hours.

𝗠𝗲: "Meh, it doesn't bother me. I usually have a cup of tea at 9:30 am and maybe one mid-afternoon, and that's it."

Guess who is now craving a cup of tea?
@silkevicious So I generally have two coffees in the morning before 8 am, a cup of tea around 9:30 am, another cup of tea at about 2 pm, and maybe another tea around 8 pm, so in theory, it shouldn't bother me not having a tea. Must be the thought of not being allowed for 24 hours?
(Undergoing a medical procedure tomorrow.)

@srednivashtar @silkevicious Two coffees before 8:00am? 😲

Either you get through your drinks incredibly fast, or you are up frighteningly early. I'm not sure I want to know which...

@silkevicious @Paul I'm an early riser. 4:30 - 5:00 am pretty much seven days a week.

@srednivashtar @silkevicious That is frighteningly early. I have to get up at 6:00 when I go into the office, and that's as early as I can

Before 5:00, nothing wakes me 😉

@Paul @srednivashtar i complain when i have to wake up at 6:15 to commute by bike...if i go by car i can wake at 6:45... 😁 when not working i can sleep until 8 (when usually baby wakes me up) 😛

@silkevicious @srednivashtar I get to enjoy a lie in until 8:00 when not working as well, and then the twins wake me up to demand breakfast 😉

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