At some point this week, someone forgot to turn off the tap in the garage. So we woke this morning to find it flooded.

Now I need a !

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@silkevicious I hadn't even thought about that, to be honest. The main problem so far has been getting the water out of the garage. I've been having lots of fun with buckets today 😉

Coffee? Shouldn't adrenaline do the job here?

And sorry to hear! Hope the damage isn't that much

@tpheine @silkevicious The cleaning is now done, as far as I can for now, so I think I deserve to put my feet up for a bit ☕

As far as I can see, there is no serious damage, just the ongoing chore of getting the water out.

@Paul @tpheine look at the plus side: the floor garage is cleaner than ever! 😅
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