It's the first day of the summer holiday. For the boys, of course, not me, but it does mean that I will be listening to Sonic Lost World as I try to work from home.

Good morning, and to all

@inscius Or a very early cheers 😉 🍻

And yes, I was sitting in the sun. The beer managed to stay nicely cool

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MEMO to all developers

Locking format customization to locales was a BAD mistake, has existed for years in many applications and OS's, and needs to be fixed.

The idea assumes that no person from the US uses metric. That NL wants to be tied to "DD/MM/YYYY', and to using a comma for decimal separator, that everyone in Sweden can speak Swedish.

Formats must be customizable.

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#KDE #Fedora #ubuntu #thunderbird



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Vicus Triple is, as far as I can tell, a local for local people. It's also rather pleasant when sitting in the sun.


@Luke @kevie It can be a bit of a challenge 😉

It helps that they are now old enough to entertain themselves, and that we have several activities scheduled.

@Luke @kevie Schools here break up tomorrow, and the summer holiday runs from 1st July to 31st August

@danjconn It did, thanks. Everything is normal and she doesn't want to see me for another year 😁

Annual appointment with the neurologist is accomplished. Now I have the rest of the day free 😁

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